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COX U.S. Army Combat Engineer Train Set

One of four U.S. Army sets available from COX, pictured above is the "Combat Engineer" from 1976. It features the 40' Box Car dressed for military service. This Army Box Car is not pictured among the other 40' Box Cars and may be exclusive to this set only.

For 1975, COX had a pair of U.S. Army themed train sets. The "Military Manifest"(Cat.No.6016) had the F-3A and Caboose in U.S. Army green with two Flat Cars, one carrying the M-47 Tank and the other had a U.S. Army green Road Grader.

The other 1975 Army set was the "G.I. General"(Cat.No.6036). This set had the F-3A and Caboose handling the Railway Gun, Flat Car with M-47 Tank, Flat Car with Truck Tractor and Van, "Q" Car, and Troop Car.

In 1976, COX had two more U.S. Army sets. The above pictured "Combat Engineer"(Cat.No.6019) and the "Armored Attack Express"(Cat.No.6036). The catalog numbers for "G.I. General" and "Armored Attacked Express" are the same, as is the contents of each set.

COX U.S. Army Rolling Stock

Pictured above is the collection of rolling stock offered in COX's U.S. Army series from the 1976 COX Catalog.

COX Army Tank and Road Grader

Sold separately and pictured in the 1975 catalog are COX's M-47 Tank and Road Grader in Army green. The Road Grader is also available in yellow(Cat.No.6230-5).

Following COX's exit from the HO-scale train market around 1980, the majority of the U.S. Army items found themselves available again. AHM(Associated Hobby Manufacturers) had most of the army group in its line in the early '80s. Model Power has also brought back some of the army line, which may also be found in blue and sold as Air Force train sets.

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