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Refrigerator Car
American Refrigerator Transit 
No. T4013
The American Refrigerator Transit Reefer makes an appearance only in the introductory Clear The Tracks Revell catalog.  The original Revell catalog includes a trio of 40' Refrigerator Car roadnames (Pacific Fruit Express; MDT-New York Central; and this ART example).  The PFE and ART Reefers are listed in the first Revell train catalog with a retail price of $2.49; the MDT-New York Central model is listed as selling for $1.98.  No information is provided for the difference in price on what appears to be the same model.

Refrigerator Car
Fruit Growers Express
No. T4017 -1959 Release

Refrigerator Car
Pacific Fruit Express 
No. T4011
Carrying sponsoring roads Southern Pacific and Union Pacific heralds, the Revell Pacific Fruit Express Refrigerator Car is listed among the introductory rolling stock selections in the Clear The Tracks catalog.  For its first appearance, the PFE Reefer is listed as retailing for $2.49.  The stock number remains the same, T4011, for 1957 as the retail goes to $2.98.  The car is back in the 1958-59 and 1959-60 catalogs, on both occasions it carries a price of $1.98.

Refrigerator Car
MDT-New York Central 
No. T4015
Part of Revell's rolling stock entries for the run of the company's model train product life, the MDT-New York Central Refrigerator Car.  The car starts its run with Revell listed for $1.98; rises to $2.98 in 1957; and back to $1.98 for 1958 and '59.  The car also appears to have been included in a number of train set offerings over the course of the Revell HO-scale train line's life.

Refrigerator Car
No. T4016 -1959 Release
Revell's Swift Refrigerator is found in the 1959-60 catalog.  This car had a retail of $1.98 in 1959 and was also shown as part of the contents of Revell's SW-7 Switcher And 4 Cars (No.T7016) train set that year.

Revell's ice-hatch Refrigerator Car is among the freight cars listed in what appears to be the introductory catalog for the Revell train line.  The car pictured is the ART example, seen below, along with two other roadnames.  The retail provided ranges from $2.49 for the ART and PFE cars to $1.98 for the MDT-New York Central example.  The 40' Refrigerator Car or Reefer was represented by two roadnames in Revell's 1957-58 catalog (PFE and MDT), both selling then for $2.98 each.  Like other cars in Revell's rolling stock line, the Reefer is reduced in retail price for 1958-59; its retail that year becomes $1.98.